Franke Boersma
PC Probleempje
Laan van Vredestein 31
2552 DT Den Haag
Telefoonnummer 0031(0)621801076
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English computer support
What is the problem, the software or the hardware?
How would you like to fix it?

Want to fix it yourself?

The Internet is a source of information.
Removing viruses, worms and solving registry problems can often be done by free programs.
If the problem can be solved easily (by asking the question through e-mail support) the service will be free

free of charge!
Haven’t enough time or lack the confidence to solve the problem or do the repairs yourself?
Choose expert assistance at your home or business.
Use the web form for a quotation.
I will determine with what service I can assist you best .
If necessary I will come to your residence or office to see how the computer problem can be solved, or I will give you online support.
Do you require training on how to operate your Windows PC? I can teach and assist you with software installation and hardware installation such as memory, hard drive, wireless network or printer.
Configuration, Windows re-installation, backup, website; it’s just a matter of learning.
The costs depend on the time required to complete the assignment,
but I will give a clear estimation on the probable costs.
For the first quarter at home I will charge €18,00
After 15 minutes I will charge you €32,- for each hour or a part of the hour of installing software and hardware.
For instructions and courses I have different fees. They depend on the number of people and the time needed.
For troubleshooting, I work according the “no cure, no pay policy”.
I will charge you only €18,00,-!
If requested I can also assist and advise by using remote assistance software.
In short, I am convinced that you can learn what problems you can solve.
An overview of services that I provide:
  • Reinstalling your PC with your own software
  • Installing legitimate software and information on how to use it
  • Installing your own hardware
  • Course: How to use Internet
  • Course: How to use your Windows PC
  • Configuring your Windows PC
  • Removing Viruses and Spyware
  • Assistance in building a website
  • Advice on software and hardware
  • Installing your new PC
  • Remote Assistance
  • Maintenance of your PC system, such as back up and cleaning the registry
  • Configurating a wireless network
  • All other computer problems you raise, I will let you know in advance whether a solution is feasible.

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